Meeting #7 (Intro to CSS)


CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language used for theming websites! It is useful to memorize some key features (font size, colour, etc.) but in general, a quick google search can give you results and tutorials. 

We recommend using this site: to learn and refer to CSS components, since it explains this much better than what we can do.

Meeting #6 (C++: Intro & Control Flow)

Hey all,


Here is a recap of what we have done with C++ so far:

Opening a C++ file:

In order to write our code, we will use a text editor so that we can write text to a file. There are many that are available, but we recommend either using nano (in the terminal) or kate (GUI). Make sure that the file extension is .cpp so that we can easily compile it.

user:~$ nano file.cpp

Press Page 2 to continue!

Meeting #6 (HTML)

Let’s get started with HTML!

Every website that you visit is written in HTML. What is HTML? HTML, or the Hyper Text Markup Language is a way to describe to  a web browser how to display content on a screen.

Initially browsers could display just simple text, with a few extras (such as font size, etc). Soon, we got images, more elements, and much more. Modern browsers are capable of rendering complex website, and many of the apps you use today are actually just a browser behind the scenes. Press page two to see more.

Meeting #5 (Jim Gao, C++)

Hey! As a recap:

  • University of Toronto student and Bayview Secondary graduate Jim Gao visited the club today to talk about University and Computer Science.
  • We continued to look at C++ (mostly self-guided today).

Some other house keeping: You can connect to the Linux server using:

ssh [email protected] -p 2200 -X

You will still need to use the IP ( instead of if you are connected to the school internet.

That’s it for now!