Annual Bayview Secondary School Programming Contest

We are proud to present BSSPC 2019, the annual programming ccontest held by Bayview Secondary School’s Computer Club!

Contest created by:

P1 – Seshan Ravikumar (Seshpenguin)
P2, P9 – Devin Lin (espidev)
P3, P8 – James Su (magicalsoup)
P4, P6 – Raymond Li (Raymo111)
P5, P7 – Leon Dong (p1geon)
P10 – Jim Gao (jimgao1)

This year, the top prize is a Raspberry Pi 3B, along with prizes of Roll&Tea Gift Cards! To join the contest, click register below!

Terms and conditions can be found on the contest site.

Good luck, and we hope that you will be able to learn from this wonderful experience!

As an side, sadly our custom judge wasn’t ready in time. Instead, this years BSSPC will be powered by DOMJudge.

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CCC Information Meeting

The Canadian Computing Competition is coming up on February 20, 2019.

It will be running starting Period 3 (to the end of the day)  in the Library. The contest will be 3 hours from when you begin.

It is highly advised to bring your own Laptop to program on. If you have not signed up for the CCC Grader yet, we will update you with the required information to sign up soon.