Meeting #9 – Hour of Code + Git

Here are some Hour of Code activities to try:

These activities are a fun way to begin thinking in terms of computer science, but if you really want to dive right into programming, check these out:

C++ is a very useful language to learn, as once you’ve become familiar with it, you can learn pretty much every other language very quickly.

GNU/Linux is a very powerful operating system. It powers nearly every service you use everyday (Nearly every website and app has a Linux server behind it). On the desktop, many programmers (and increasing regular users) use Linux, since it’s really flexible and secure. It comes in a number of flavours, such as Ubuntu or Fedora. We definitely recommand trying Linux out. You can download a program called VirtualBox to run Linux inside a window on your computer, it’s an easy way to try it out!

Google/DuckDuckGo/etc are great tools too, if you want to make an app/website/program – the best way to learn is to figure it out yourself. That’s how a lot of us learned: through practical application. Our website also has a resources page with more links to get you started!

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